Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat

Writing from my starry window-sill!

Hallo Friends,

I have been having an interesting time these past weeks since we last met; I have been listening to the wisdom of friends.

You will know – especially if there is one of my species in your life – that cats are very good listeners. We may appear to be sleeping on our window-sill but many times have I overheard conversations, tales of joy or pain – and as I collect the data (you see I am still in the 21st century of internet communication) – as I collect, select and reject, I very often discover a new piece of wisdom – a new truth!

Two strangers meet – the two know each other – well, let me put it this way, they know each other by sight.  It is Stone Street, Llandovery – both have parked their cars one behind the other, so they both emerge more or less at the same time.  One turns to go away up the street, the second calls out – ‘Hallo – how are you?’

He turns, puzzled, and there follows an introduction by her – ‘I’m from the Theatre!’ she says – she is referring to Llandovery Theatre.

Enlightenment! He advances, he asks – ‘How is the Theatre?’

‘Well’ she says – ‘it is causing some concern – so difficult since Simon died and recently we’ve had so many new fire precautions installed, and there is still more to do – and it is costing so much and I am getting very old!’

He reveals he too is getting old, but he is still younger than her!

‘I think’ he says ‘that the Theatre was Simon and Jacky’s child – and you don’t ever abandon a child’.  She agrees.

‘I think’ he adds  ‘you should start a new dream!’

Later that night, she was talking to another friend – this time on the ‘phone.  Did that ‘phone call really last 4 hours? Yes it did! He said – amongst a lot of other stuff –

‘Everyone has a dream and he quoted Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’ .

‘Oh that book is the actors’ bible!’ she replied (she is an actor – amongst other things!)

‘Read it!’ he ordered! Yes, it was something of an order, but she is an obedient person and she was happy to read it, well she loves the book. And then he quoted Exupery – ‘Don’t stand on the shore worrying about the ship, look to the horizon!’

She did read again Exupery’s The Little Prince – she did as she was told, she read it all through – there is no such quote!  But it doesn’t matter because by now she has listened to two friends – and neither were saying ‘lay down your sword, surrender ‘ both were saying ‘start a new dream’.

‘At my age?’

‘At any age – live your dream! Everyone has a dream!’

So she picked up her pen and started to write again.

Horatio Nelson