Poems of Love and Loss

Poems of Love and Loss: A journey through grief

Two actors –  Simon Barnes and Jaqueline Harrison met in the cellar green-room at Colchester
Repertory Theatre in 1962 –  fell in love and
the rest, as Shakespeare might have said –  
was ‘ anything but silence’.

Forty-four years later, they parted, as He took off on a journey She could not follow!

These are their poems, messages of love and
longing they sent to each other in life and
  after death.   A Journey through grief.

Poems of Love and Loss


Winter has come
Snow gilds the hills and my garden
The black mountains beyond are now white;
I know this time, it is familiar to me
The multitude of clothes heavying movement
So like rounded tents we brave the cold
filling lungs with icy air
Avoiding thawing snow seemingly destined to fall
just as we pass beneath it
Trying to find a clear area to leave scraps for the birds
and watching them disappear down to the depths to retrieve.

My cat is watching me
He has seen these winters
But does not remember for he greets
every event as a new happening
And today sits on the kitchen window sill
Contemplating the idiocy of mankind
That would venture out at such a time.
The beauty of the day, he would say,
Can be admired from within!
I take my cat’s advice
I return inside, closing the door on winter

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