Writing from my starry window-sill!

Kind Friends!

In all my years as a theatre cat, I confess to one serious failure! I resist and cannot work Facebook, Chitchat etc. I have been given a variety of these outlets and my opinion is that cats need someone to do the social media for them – we are the creaters not the executioners of our work.

I can work an email on our computer – what cat can’t control a mouse! But my theatre friends are all on smart-phones – yes, they may read my email but they tend to respond by facebook and today I discovered a message that has been lurking there since 2018 – from a friend I really love, and now how to contact – he probably thinks I’m dead!

I also think that because of the smallness of the smart phone, reading an email is difficult, and once the gist of the message is gleaned – it is deleted – so the farewell, the final summing up – the late remembered anecdote is never actually reached or read!

‘I feel at times rather isolated! ‘ Following my recent report on the Theatre and its needs (a fire alarm system being one) I finished with this somewhat plaintive cry. Five wonderful friends responded by return, writing to me – four of them are writers – Oh I do love writers! And one came to visit me the next week. Fantastic! Incidentally, two live in France – no wonder Jacky voted ‘remain’.

So I advise her – First: sort out the gallery – get it mended and you will feel better. I will ask friends to look at our web page, and see the books we have there – it’s no good having a dream I say, if the stuff you write is never read and Simon Barnes’ wonderful spoof James Bond novel DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF is a hoot! It is quite a slim volume – easy to handle by all cats of discretion who love a good read! – it is set in Wales, some of it quite near our home town!

Now Jacky tells me we are also on ‘linked in’! Together we gaze and gaze at the computer – trying to discover what it is about – and then decide – escape is best! We are not looking for work, we are looking for a piano – a piano, yes a piano, not any old piano, but one that makes you dance…’ Sorry – got a bit carried away remembering our production with Llandovery College pupils of Salad Days! You see, we had the piano tuner in recently and he diagnosed wood worm in the base section of the theatre piano!!! So another add to our list of needs!

Do explore Llandovery Theatre web site – go on Home page and scroll down – there you will find four books lined up – you can click on any one of them, read details and there is a link to buy via Amazon, if you wish. Let us know what you think – we welcome comment and views – you can always send it to us by email! Royalties on the book sales go to the theatre, so that can’t be bad!

Oh dear! Jacky says – we need a fire alarm system before a piano – it is drop dead urgent! I tell her, I prefer a piano – you can’t play ‘kitten on the keys’ on a fire alarm system!!

Horatio Nelson