HORATIO NELSON THEATRE CAT – From my new window-sill!

They tell me that a cat has nine lives.Horatio the Theatre Cat Well, my friends, I have travelled a long journey and am now in a new world and the start of my second life – my first having been lived, in what I believe to be an almost perfect paradise – the Theatre world.
Theatre folk are a family – not blood related but joined by creativity, by dreams, by shared success and – yes – sometimes by failure – I have shared all, enjoyed all and loved many, for we Thespians know that total dedication and love is an absolute requirement for the aspiring artist and actor. He that chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath – so says Shakespeare.
There are many plays and ideas and much talent that I leave behind, some published, some not – and I hope, maybe, you will look into Poems of Love and Loss and see the poems I have inspired, some even written about me! One such is called My Cat is not a Beauty. A title that puzzled me, until I was assured that it was a poem of love and affection towards me – and of course I believe that now!
I love starry nights, especially when it is cold and frosty, and one can see the stars above so clearly and if you raise your voice to cry out the name of the one you love, then the Black Mountains will send that name reverberating around in a brilliant medley of sound, echoing that name back to you again and again! Try it – we are in mid-winter! Maybe I will hear you from my new window-sill on my star! I will be listening!
Please be kind to my beautiful theatre and the folk who run it. They want only to give pleasure and create exciting performance work. We need new friends to help us thrive into and beyond 2018. Will you be a friend? If you go on the theatre Web page – read all about us – then click on contact us – we read everything and we will respond – and – if you are looking for a Christmas gift for a friend, try Simon Barnes’ comic novel – Darkly flows the Taff – it is set in Wales, not far from here – and is a happy read.
Thank you for reading my message – May you all have a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year!

Horatio Nelson
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