About love letters

Kind Friends!

I want to talk today about love letters.  I am so worried that they will go out of fashion and become obsolete, and I need your help. I am talking about hand-written love letters.  It seems to me that the young and even the not-so-young generation are totally obsessed with screens – the smart phone I believe one is called – and I will never really understand the fashion to sit staring slavishly at a smart phone – when to look around one, observe the world is so much more exciting – and so much safer too, when crossing roads! The joy of receiving or sending a hand-written letter is so splendid and, sadly, I believe, it is being taken over by the ‘tweet’.

I am, as I have mentioned before, an ancient cat – now in my 19th year, and I know the joy I experience to receive a hand written letter – as opposed to an email. I use email, of course, to communicate with my friends – but too often it is a frustrating business.  People now receive so many emails they have spam files, and I often think my epistles are swallowed into this abyss!

Writing Love Letters

Receiving a proper handwritten letter, one always replied – because then one would get another letter and the circle of correspondence would be never-ending.  Perfect!  A hand-written letter you can keep – can mull over, re-read, store away – it becomes  a written history of your friendship or love affair – it can bring comfort and joy well into old age, as we know in our Thespian household where writing is still a daily occupation.

A hand-written love letter is the work of the heart –  it is personal –  it can reveal your inner soul, and captured on the page, complete with blots from tears or the pen, it becomes a unique offering.  The computer, however, is not sensitive to mood – it will play up in the middle of creating a poem or play, it can delete on a whim – but if everything is written on paper by hand – nothing will be lost.

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Thank you for reading my words!  Long live love!

Horatio Nelson

13 October 2017