Celebration launch of the Theatre Memoir – “What Country Friends is This”

Dear Friends and Theatre lovers,

Lwcfit Coverlandovery Theatre Trustees and Actors are proud to announce the celebration launch and publication of the Theatre Memoir – WHAT COUNTRY FRIENDS IS THIS?  It tells of the theatrical adventures of Simon and Jacky Barnes, the building of the Llandovery Theatre and the 35 years of creative work produced here with children, community and professional actors.

The date:   Saturday September 17th

The time:   1.30 for 2 p.m.

The place: On stage at Llandovery Theatre
with the author Jacky Barnes and fellow Trustees 

If you have been part of the Llandovery Theatre Company, you are certain to find yourself in this Memoir; if you are new to our Town, and would like to hear our story, then Saturday, September 17th is the day for you to make your first visit and discover the past, the  present and the future of our lovely Theatre.

Contact us by email or via the Llandovery Theatre web site messages, and let us know if you would like to join us for the celebration, publication and launch of  What Country Friends is this?

I, as Theatre cat, have great hopes for the future success of this book and our beautiful Theatre, and look forward to meeting up with old friends, and welcoming many new ones.

Horatio Nelson  Theatre Cat
email jacky.barnes@btinternet.com