Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat – Writing from my starry window-sill!

Most dear Friends and Theatre lovers,

So sorry to have missed writing to you last month – Jacky was somewhat involved in matters of consequence, and though I am perfectly capable of writing my blog on my own, she does just like to oversee my letter, and I don’t like to disappoint her.

Much important work has been going on at the Theatre – with several splendid new fire doors installed and much carpentry work of great excellence, we have been very busy!

August 2016 is the 40th year anniversary of the Theatre, and we are planning to bring together past friends and youth actors to have a celebration. Already by way of the Theatre Memoir  – What Country Friends is This? we have been contacted by friends from the past, from France, Canada, Australia and other good places, and we have recently met up with actors from the 1981 youth production of Romeo and Juliet: Romeo who arrived at the theatre – the evening of the launch of the Memoir, Mercutio who was actually performing with us on stage that day, Paris who has visited us twice now from the far off land of Liverpool – and we are ‘linked in’ (whatever that may mean) to Friar Lawrence! (Practically a full cast list here! Well perhaps not quite!).

The Taming of the Shrew
Also Chris Thomas, our Editor, is currently working to ‘rescue’ the youth film production of The Taming of the Shrew, so that we can show it on the Theatre screen. Filmed in the Theatre, and at Aberglasney Gardens, it has been awaiting rescue these past 10 years or more!  We really think Chris has success on the way! Watch this space!

If you were involved in the theatre at any time in the past 40 years – as actor, artist, professional or as a volunteer and you are not currently in contact with us – do let us have your email, so we can let you know the days of our 40 years ‘celebration’ and send you an invitation. And if you are new to Llandovery, you are equally welcome to contact us. PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE 2018 A THEATRE YEAR TO REMEMBER!

Horatio Nelson
Theatre Cat

email:  jacky.barnes@bt internet.com