Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat – From my window sill.

Friends, I am having trouble with my Thespian!Horatio

Since the triumph of publishing Simon’s comic novel Darkly flows the Taff, and the exciting drama workshops she is currently directing – energy is now over-flowing in waves, towards me.

She says she wants ME to have voice lessons, to learn to speak her language.  If I would only learn to say ‘please’ or my name ‘Horatio Nelson’ she tells me, it would be so fantastic, and would bring so much attention to the theatre, and probably lift it out of penury.

I say – (in my language – after all Wales is bi-lingual country) – I say – she and Simon have existed on ‘penury’ quite happily for all the years of my life, why change?

It is a question of good communication – I tell her – I speak in my tongue, and she feeds me – (most of the time!)  In return, I listen to her stories and her plays, and make no adverse criticisms – that is the route to a perfect theatrical relationship – don’t you agree?

For stories about the creative work of Llandovery Theatre and the route to obtaining and reading Darkly flows the Taff  by Simon Barnes  – go to the Theatre Face Book and Web and read my blog, or go direct to Amazon.

Thank you, and a very happy 2016 to everyone!

Horatio Nelson – Theatre cat.

January 2016